Learning to cook dal bhat will be a unique cultural experience. Depending upon your available time and interests, one option is to travel to our family farm in Sarangkot, situated high above Pokhara. The view from Sarangkot alone is worth the trip.

You stay at a guest house next to the family farm and gather fresh organic produce right from the source. We teach you the process of preparing the meal and then, once complete, we all sit down to enjoy the fest. There is much to see in and around Sarangkot and we make sure you have the opportunity to visit the community.

We travel up to Sarangkot on the afternoon of one day and then back to Pokhara the following day.

Alternatively we can also offer a one-day program right from Pokhara. We take you to the market in Pokhara to shop for fresh produce and where there is plenty of opportunity to mix with locals as they go about their daily routines. Afterwards we go to a local kitchen and prepare the food and then sit down to enjoy the fruits of our labour. We begin mid-morning and finish mid-afternoon.

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