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Looking for a Nepali Cultural Experience?

A visit to Nepal can take on many forms; we specialize in three: classic trekking in the Annapurna; experiencing cultural Nepal in and around Pokhara and village trekking in a district nearby.

For a rich Nepali cultural experience please explore the various offerings we have here.

Experience Nepal

Looking for a more personal experience with Nepal? Consider staying at our farm in Sarangkot. We have a wonderful new guest house there for you. Stay as long as you like and watch village life unfold before you.

Or interested … more

Village Trek

Interested In A Different Kind of Trek?

If you are more interested in experiencing Nepali culture up close than you are trekking up into 4000+ metres then a village trek might be more for you. We design these routes to … more

Holiday Trekking

We are a 100% Nepali family-owned and operated company which supplies high quality trekking services in the Annapurna region.

We personally arrange for a variety of treks. We can organize both Tea House (Lodge) treks or camping treks depending on … more